Available services for associates

  • Creation of quarries plans
  • Creation and updating of mining plans
  • Environmental and landscape recovery plans
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Licensing of industrial units
  • Licensing of Waste management (collect and valuation of RCD’s)
  • CE marking
  • Auditing
  • Implementation of Quality Policy System
  • Implementation of Integrated Management, Systems- quality, environment and security
  • Occupational safety and hygiene
  • Support to community funds applications
  • Labor support concerning the sectors’ legislation
  • Permanent and updated information about legislation related to the sector through circulars, informative bulletins and the internet.


ANIET is an accredited entity by DGERT (Direção Geral do Emprego e das Relações de Trabalho) who does training sessions in areas related to the sector.

The association wants to provide to its public training sessions that embrace four main areas:
  • organization / company’s framework
  • Environment Protection Technology
  • Extractive industry
  •  Occupational safety and hygiene
Promoting Occupational safety and hygiene conditions in companies as well as to give technical support to the modernization and adaption to new challenges from the international market are some of the goals of ANIET.

One of the main concerns of ANIET is to put into practice what was learnt at the training sessions. To assure the efficiency of the training, trainers are carefully selected to be the perfect connection / bridge between trainees and the program contents suggested by the National Qualification Catalogue. For ANIET this is the key for the success of its training sessions.