Morocco characterizes itself for having a higher political, social and economic stability regarding other countries of the same region.

The economic Moroccan reality is based on an excessive dependence on the agricultural sector, which represents between 13% and 16% of the gross domestic product and employs about 40% of the active population.

The remaining activity sectors have been registering a bigger development, namely industry, which contributes with about 29% for the gross domestic product and absorbs 13% of the active population, stressing the manufacturing industry, namely agricultural chemical products, textile and leather.

With an ambitious programme which aims to reinforce the contribution of the industry to the raise of the gross domestic product and for the job creation it was created a new industrial strategy with a seven year duration (2014-2020). The industrial tissue is characterized by the influence of the SME, which represent about 85% of the sector (93% in the transforming industry case), existing a small group of big industrial companies in the private sector.

Morocco has been diversifying its economy with the development and modernization of its infrastructures and has been registering considerable advances regarding its population living conditions.

The main Morocco comercial partner is the European Union which represented 63, 6% of the exports of the country and 52, 7% of Âșthe imports in 2015.

In 2015 Portugal occupied the 12th place in the clients ranking and the 9th in the suppliers ranking, with a market share of 1, 3% and 2, 7%.