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How To Sell | United Kingdom Market

AICEP will perform, How to sell In-United Kingdom Market, on its premises, in Lisbon, 25 and 26 of June 2018 and, in Porto, 27, 28 and 29 days of June, respectively. These actions consist of custom market consulting, through individual meetings (1 hour each), with the network's representative in London, Rui Marques Boavista which moves to Portugal for that purpose, being a unique opportunity for the companies and an open future facilitator port connections.

Registration until April 6th!

Aimed mainly at exporting SMEs, these initiatives aim to respond to concrete questions posed by the companies in the respective Entry Form, providing the participants, through information and individualized advice, solutions tailored to their needs, covering all stages of the process of business internationalization and focusing on all relevant aspects of the international business (examples of the wide range of affordable issues: specific regulatory aspects, marketing and distribution channels best suited to each case, difficulties and opportunities for each company's products and services, sector specific information about the product / service in the market, applicable rules casuistically, investment in the market and other matters that are considered appropriate).

In the context of the new challenges and business opportunities that Brexit places on our exporting and investing community, and taking advantage of the excellent bilateral relationship existing, the deepening of the commercial relationship with this strategic partner, of appreciable size, high potential against its matrix strongly digital economy leader, with a consistent propensity for multichannel purchases and one of the fastest-growing creative industries in the world, will contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of Portuguese companies and is an excellent business card for its special ability to lead the most advanced technological standards.

Brexit can hold the promise of a more auspicious position in the UK market for companies that have the innovation factor inscribed in their DNA, in areas and sectors / sectors where we have relevant and recognized competitive advantages, depending on the future commercial relationship that comes to be established with the EU, so it is now time to consider alternative scenarios in this market, solutions to overcome the challenges that will arise as the EU withdraws from the EU and to develop promising partnerships. With private consumption being the main driver of the UK economy, the high potential for expected growth in imports and the complementarity of British demand with our most qualified offer remain.

Participation in this CVE UK has a cost of € 147.60 (VAT included), per company, to be made after acceptance of the application and validation of the application.

For more information consult the official website of the initiative, How to Sell On - Market UK.