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Awarness-Raising Sessions

Awareness-Raising Sessions

Within the scope of the Qualification Projet|2020 "Ecoeficiência e Competitividade” ANIET organized two awareness-raising sessions for the thematic of SMEs financing.

Counting on the presence of speakers from several entities, namely, Banco Popular, IAPMEI, PAMÉSA Consultores e Seguradora ABARCA, these actions aimed at awareness-raising and the clarification of the various support measures, products and financing services available to SME, in order to finance the activity and relaunch the investment in strategic areas, both for the qualification and innovation as well as for the internationalization of the sector.

Inserted in Activity 3 of the Project, these informative sessions allowed the clarification, the motivation and the commitment of the SME present on the debate of some thematics of financing and investment.

The gathering of information through short inquiries of closed answer will allow to identify the current situation, the lack of equity restructuring, of knowledge and training. This will be the starting point for the production of a Roadmap to the investment which ANIET is currently preparing, and that will be presented in due course.

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