It took place, between the 12th and the 14th of April, at FIL – Feira Internacional de Lisboa – Portugal the International Mining Business & Investment Summit 2016 with the presence of the Economy Minister for the official opening.

PIMBIS 2016 was a global initiative promoted by the Direcção Geral da Energia e Geologia of the Ministry of Economics. During this event were announced several details regarding new opportunities as well as developments in the geological resources sector.

PIMBIS aimed to promote the geological resources sector in Portugal, being this an excellent opportunity to know the existing potential and opportunities. This event had the participation of ANIET, national public entities and organisms as well as other countries with mining tradition, universities, companies, industry associations and other relevant stakeholders for the geological resources sector, creating this way the right synergies for the establishment of business platforms and the development of the economic activity in Portugal.

This excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge had as main key topics: the investment and financing, the innovation policy, the assignment of licenses, contract handling and the sustainable development of the sector. In this 3 day event, besides the Conference there were several exhibitions, seminars, business meetings and field visits.