ANIET is a very dynamic association, whose main goals are to extend its representation and its actions in the defense of its associates, providing them, all support and services according to their needs, always towards the competitiveness of the industry it represents.

Nationwide, ANIET embraces all companies, singular or collective, who have the activity of extraction and or transformation, production, and commercialization of masses and mineral deposits as well as equipment, products, services, and others direct or indirectly connected to the sector.

Since its foundation, the association has been developing its activity in defending its associate’s best interests and also in the quality of the services provided to them.

Technical committees

ANIET has representation in the following Standardization Technical Committees:

•    CT 118 – Ornamental rocks, whose Standardization Sectorial Organism is CEVALOR
•    CT 154 – Aggregates and CT 129 – Paving materials, whose Standardization is INIR – Instituto de Infra Estruturas Rodoviárias IP
•    CT 150/SC1 – Environmental Management System, whose ONS is the Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente
•    CT 171 – sustainability at buildings, ONS – CTCV (Centro Tecnológico da Cerâmica e do Vidro)
•    CT 121 – Prefabricated made of concrete