Who can be an associate?

ANIET has three types of associates:

Full member
Companies or particular people who have the activity of extraction, transformation, production and trading of mineral masses and mineral deposits.

Applicant member
Equipment, services and product companies whose activity is directly or indirectly connected to the previous detailed.

Honorary member
Entities to whom the general assembly decides to give that status, upon the proposal of the management.

How to become a member?

The interested should address ANIET their proposal of membership.

Advantages of being an ANIET member

Constant and updated information about legislation related to the sector, sent by the Internet, circulars or bulletins;
Juridical support;
Associates representation in the mineral masses to defend their best interests;
Negotiation of the Collective bargaining agreement for the sectors it represents;
Service provider in the Technical, Juridical, Legal and Training areas;
Dissemination of information through a monthly bulletin, Facebook,  circulars …
Special conditions in services and laboratories through cooperation protocols.


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