Our history
ANIET was founded in 1975, is a business and public utility association, representing the Industrial and Ornamental Stone Quarries, both in its Extractive and Industrial Minerals Transformer aspects.

With its headquarters at Oporto and having a delegation in Lisbon, ANIET gives its associates all kind of support they need.

In 2007 ANIET has implemented a quality management policy, according to the NP EN ISO 9001, to support its associates in general and legal information, and also in the implementation and maintenance of the EC marking in the Extractive and Manufacturing Industry. ANIET is also accredited to provide training by DGERT – Direção Geral do Emprego e das Relações de Trabalho, and has been providing specific training sessions for the sector.

ANIET, National Association of Extractive and Manufacturing Industry, is an entity with the status of corporate body of Public utility whose aim is to have a close cooperation between its associates and to defend their best interests and develop their activities.

ANIET is a national association that covers all companies, singular or collective, who carry out the activity of extraction (quarries) and / or  transformation , production and trading of masses and mineral deposits, as well as equipments, products and services direct or indirectly connected to the activity sector.

At the beginning, its name was AIPGN – Association of the granite quarries industry of the North. Its structure changed three times, and has been enlarging its representation, either in terms of geographic intervention either in terms of activities, among others.

Association of the Stone Industrials of the North, was the name given in 1992. In 2005 with the goal of spreading its representativeness, it changed to a National Association, called ANIP – National Association of the Stone Industries. Constantly changing and wanting a wider representation of the sector, it merged with APIMINERAL – Portuguese Association of the Mineral Industry, starting also to represent the mineral deposits (mines).

Objectives and Mission

Supporting its associates, representing and defending them due to their important economic and social role.

Reinforcing ANIET’s role as a reference in the sector.

Quality Policy
ANIET, National Association of Extractive and Manufacturing Industry, aware of its importance while an association who represents the sector, is committed in defending the sector as well as its associates near the political power.

ANIET thinks it is of vital importance to act within the following parameters:

- Identify the associate’s needs;
- Match services and external or internal resources to those needs;
- Motivate work groups, giving them a good working  environment and the team spirit that will guide them to success;
- Establish partnerships which benefit associates;
- Meet the requirements and applicable regulations in order to constantly improve the performance and efficiency of the management system.

Social Organs

ANIET’s Social Organs
Triennium 2019/2021


  • Jorge Manuel de Mira Amaral


    Jorge Manuel de Mira Amaral
    Secil Britas, S.A.
  • Hugo Miguel Rodrigues Albuquerque

    Vice – President

    Hugo Miguel Rodrigues Albuquerque
    Somincor – Soc. Mineira de Neves Corvo, S.A.
  • Joaquim José Ramos Cascalheira
    Joaquim José Ramos Cascalheira
    Agrepor Agregados SA
  • Luís Filipe Longarito
    Mármores Longarito SA
  • José Henrique Eiró Carvalho


    José Henrique Eiró Carvalho
    Granitos do Castro, S.A.
  • Renato Alexandre Neves da Silva Mansilha


    Renato Alexandre Neves da Silva Mansilha
    Mota-Engil, Engenharia e Construção, S.A.
  • Graça Margarida Marques de Carvalho Ferreira Barreto


    Graça Margarida Marques de Carvalho Ferreira Barreto
    J. Batista Carvalho, Lda
  • Agostinho Castro Pereira Couto

    Alternate secretary

    Agostinho Castro Pereira Couto
    GNT – Granitos do Norte, Lda
  • Miguel dos Santos Antunes
    Mocamar- Mármores de Alcanede Lda
  • Manuel José de Almeida Lopes

    Alternate vowel

    Manuel José de Almeida Lopes
  • Martinho Teixeira Monteiro

    Alternate vowel

    Martinho Teixeira Monteiro
    Construções Pardais – Irmãos Monteiros, Lda
  • Carla Margarida Cruz Ribeiro Mariz
    MARMOGUIA Mármores e Cantarias Lda

General Assembly

  • António d’Almeida Corrêa de Sá


    António d’Almeida Corrêa de Sá
    Beralt Tin and Wolfran Portugal,S.A.
  • Adriano Manuel dos Santos de Morais Antas

    Vice – President

    Adriano Manuel dos Santos de Morais Antas
    Real Granito - Granitos, S.A.
  • Joaquim Gonçalves Teixeira
    Domingos Silva Teixeira SA
  • Alternate secretary

    José Luís Ferreiro da Silva Simões
    Sibelco Portuguesa Lda
  • Norberto Teixeira Rodrigues
    NR Granitos Lda

Audit Commission

  • José António Simões Cortez


    José António Simões Cortez
    Empresa das Lousas de Valongo, S.A.
  • Gonçalo Fernando da Rocha de Jesus
    Gonçalo Fernando da Rocha de Jesus
    EDM Empresa Desenvolvimento Mineiro SA
  • Pedro Miguel Mota Manso


    Pedro Miguel Mota Manso
    Pedral Pedreiras do Crasto de Cambra, S.A.
  • Alternate vowel

    João Manuel Martins Fernandes
    Granifinas – Exploração de Pedreiras, Lda
  • José Manuel Oliveira Rodrigues
    Oliveira Rodrigues
  • Custódio Ferreira Martins
    Custódio Ferreira Martins
    MAROUFI Sociedade de Granitos e Mármores Lda


Who can be an associate?

ANIET has three types of associates:

Full member
Companies or particular people who have the activity of extraction, transformation, production and trading of mineral masses and mineral deposits.

Applicant member
Equipment, services and product companies whose activity is directly or indirectly connected to the previous detailed.

Honorary member
Entities to whom the general assembly decides to give that status, upon the proposal of the management.

How to become a member?

The interested should address ANIET their proposal of membership.

Advantages of being an ANIET member

Constant and updated information about legislation related to the sector, sent by the Internet, circulars or bulletins;
Juridical support;
Associates representation in the mineral masses to defend their best interests;
Negotiation of the Collective bargaining agreement for the sectors it represents;
Service provider in the Technical, Juridical, Legal and Training areas;
Dissemination of information through a monthly bulletin, Facebook,  circulars …
Special conditions in services and laboratories through cooperation protocols.


By address:
Rua Júlio Dinis. 931 1º Esq 4050-327 Porto

By e-mail:

Affiliations Services
Services available for associates: View Services
ANIET is a very dynamic association, whose main goals are to extend its representation and its actions in the defense of its associates, providing them, all support and services according to their needs, always towards the competitiveness of the industry it represents.

Nationwide, ANIET embraces all companies, singular or collective, who have the activity of extraction and or transformation, production, and commercialization of masses and mineral deposits as well as equipment, products, services, and others direct or indirectly connected to the sector.

Since its foundation, the association has been developing its activity in defending its associate’s best interests and also in the quality of the services provided to them.

Technical committees

ANIET has representation in the following Standardization Technical Committees:

•    CT 118 – Ornamental rocks, whose Standardization Sectorial Organism is CEVALOR
•    CT 154 – Aggregates and CT 129 – Paving materials, whose Standardization is INIR – Instituto de Infra Estruturas Rodoviárias IP
•    CT 150/SC1 – Environmental Management System, whose ONS is the Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente
•    CT 171 – sustainability at buildings, ONS – CTCV (Centro Tecnológico da Cerâmica e do Vidro)
•    CT 121 – Prefabricated made of concrete
To know more about the projects in which ANIET is involved, please, press here.