News - Internationalization Project - Pedra E + 2020


Internationalization Project - Pedra E + 2020

Internationalization Project - Pedra E + 2020

On February 12th, 2019, the presentation of the Internationalization Project - Pedra E+ 2020 took place in Junta de Freguesia de Alpendorada (Marco de Canaveses).

The main focus of this session was the presentation of the objectives of the project, as well as to promote the foreign markets (fairs/exhibitions), the prospection and presence in international markets, the promotion of actions and international marketing and to clarify any doubts that may arise in companies.

The innovative factor of this project was the addition of a digital marketing campaign, whose objective is to create a differentiated and valuable positioning with the demand, where information will be made available and communication actions will be launched to the markets through digital media.

In this session, Eng. Francelina Pinto, representing ANIET - the promoter of the Project, PAMESA (Dr. Eduardo Pereira, Dr. JĂșlia Brito) and Novva - Digital Consultant (Mr. Tiago Lima and Mr. Francisco Freitas) participated as speakers.