News - Report RTP-Quarry of Arouca


Report RTP-Quarry of Arouca

The quarries can also be news for the best reasons and our Associated SLATES VALERIO and FIGUEIREDO, LDA, is a good example of this. 

The report that was shown during the day of yesterday in RTP 2 in the "guided tour" of the journalist Paula Moura Pinheiro, shows a nice example of the possible combination of an entrepreneurial activity, related to the operation of a quarry of ornamental slate that exists is more than 200 years, with the safeguarding of natural and paleontological heritage, as well as reveals the collaboration, exemplary in every respect, the important contribution that this type of economic activity has for the scientific knowledge of science of the Earth.

Watch the story on the trilobites of Canelas in Arouca: