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UEPG Sustainable Development Awards

UEPG Sustainable Development Awards Ceremony 2016

The UEPG Sustainable Development Awards is a major event to reward companies that have successfully integrated the social, economic and/or environmental dimensions of sustainable development into their operations.

The Awards promote the dissemination of best practices and encourage projects that go beyond what is required by planners and regulators, and it is intended that they should provide examples that others could follow.

Speaking at the awards event, Nigel Jackson (pictured), vice-president of the UEPG and chief executive officer of the MPA, said: ‘With 15,000 companies and 25,000 operations producing of 2.7 billion tonnes of material a year, while also engaging with and employing 200,000 people, the European aggregates industry is the ‘great dynamo of the economy.

‘No other sector can get even close to these figures, making the aggregates industry by far the biggest non-energy extractive sector supplying essential materials to European society.’

The UEPG triannual Sustainable Development Award Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, 16th of November 2016, at 15h00, in Palais des Beaux-Arts, Rue Ravenstein 23, 1000 Brussels.