News - 2nd trade mission to the Moroccan market


2nd trade mission to the Moroccan market

Within the internationalization project "exportar Pedra com Valor”, it took place between the 19th and the 23rd October the 2nd Trade mission to the Moroccan market, who had the participation of 6 companies of the sector and allowed to give one step further in the internationalization process as well as promoting the Portuguese Natural Stone.

Among the several activities and works done, we must highlight the presentation of the Portuguese Natural Stone – Granite to the Moroccan architects who had the presence of the President of the Order of Architects of Casablanca amongst other well-known professionals. In this mission it were also made working and experience trading sessions with several entities and professionals working in the country, as well as individual meetings with Moroccan professionals in the import / export, building and architecture areas.

As the promotor of this action, ANIET wants to give to the sector companies all the support in the internationalization as well as promoting the Portuguese Natural Stone and the increasingly competitive and developed sector. This way it is important to refre that in 2014 it will still take place the Reverse Missions between November and December, which will allow the Portuguese companies to receive in Portugal the Moroccan representatives to let know what Portugal produces the best.