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Exhibition "Rocks and Minerals – Mines and Geology North of Portugal”, on display at the Museu da Pedra until the 23rd of September

This exhibition promotes the potential of the different places of relevant geologic and mining importance of the North region of Portugal, showing samples of rocks and minerals from the regions of Arouca, Boticas, Gondomar, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Marco de Canaveses, Matosinhos, Montalegre, Paredes, Porto, Torre de Moncorvo, Valongo, Vila Pouca de Aguiar e Vila Real.

According to the mayor of the city council of Marco de Canaveses: "This is an interesting exhibition which allows us to know a little better the relevance of the heritage and the geological wealth of our county and of the others stakeholders in this initiative which is part of the " Roadmap of the Portuguese geological and mining points of interest”.