News - Partnership with APA Qualified Verifiers


Partnership with APA Qualified Verifiers

ANIET informs on the new procedures of APA/CCDR´s, related to the Procedures for Post-AIA and RAA – Annual Environmental Report (IPPC).


a) to the Post-Procedure Environmental Impact Assessment, the projects subject to the Environmental Impact Assessment, in the post-validation phase, shall be subjected to an audit during the construction phase and to another one three years after the entry in the exploitation phase.

These audits shall be carried out by APA's Qualified Verifiers on the terms and conditions established in the Ministerial Order No. 326/2015, of 02/10, as amended by the Ministerial Order No. 30/2017 of 17/01.

b) regarding the RAA – Annual Environmental Report, which shall be sent by the operators subject to the Environmental License - PCIP operators - must also be previously validated this year by qualified verifiers, prior to its submission to APA - the Portuguese Environmental Agency - according to the APA Circular which we attached.

Exceptionally, in the first year of reporting of the RAA resorting to Qualified Verifiers (2018), this report can be sent to APA until June 30th (for the following years, the date of April 30th is kept).

ANIET established a partnership with APA's Qualified Verifiers, which will provide this service with advantageous conditions to its associates.

For more information, please, contact ANIET.