News - Trade mission to the Russian market


Trade mission to the Russian market

Within the context of an internationalization project, designed with the purpose to stimulate the Natural Stone Sector, ANIET with the QREN support, has the responsibility of doing two trade missions to Russian and Algerian market in 2013.

From the 8th to the 11th September, it was done a trade mission to Moscow with the participation of 6 affiliated companies, with the purpose of discovering, promoting and spreading the Portuguese natural stone.

The participant delegation has gone to several companies and from the various meetings undertaken it was notorious the interest of the Russian companies in the Portuguese Natural Stone and in a possible partnership between the participants.

As positive points we can detach the great curiosity and admiration for the information given by the visited companies, due to the stone characteristics, to the knowhow and technology used in the extractive and manufacturing processes due to the trust and seriousness showed by the association and the Portuguese group of companies, always committed in giving a positive and cohesive image of the Portuguese Natural Stone.