ANIET has been stablishing several partnerships with several entities in a way that its associates can enjoy more advantageous conditions and special benefits and to profit those conditions they only have to prove of being an ANIET member.
  • Medimarco Serviços Médicos, Lda
  • Viagens Abreu, S.A.

In order to follow the legal requisites about the traceability of explosive products, ANIET has protocols with the following companies:
  • IREX
With the purpose of providing its associates discounts in the essays, for example the ones connected to the CE booking, ANIET has signed cooperation protocols with the material rehearsal laboratories mentioned bellow. To profit from this discount, they just need to ask for a credential that must be delivered to the wanted laboratory.
  • CTCV – Centro Tecnológico da Cerâmica e do Vidro
  • iDresearch, Investigação e Desenvolvimento, S.A.
  • Central Laboratory of Mota Engil, Engenharia e Construção, S.A.