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Qualification SAAC Project

Pedra + Sustentável

Project No.º 47128
Support within the scope of the System of Support to Collective Actions

Start Date: 01/07/2020
End Date: 30/06/2022

This project aims to capacitate the business fabric of the Portuguese Natural Stone sector, and especially the SMEs that comprise it, so that it is able to respond to the emerging challenges, namely in terms of management modernization, digital and technological transformation, adaptation to the circular economy, and efficient management of the natural resources, so that they continue to progress in added value and to develop more competitive business models in the international markets.

The initiative comprises the execution of the following activities and their results:



Prospective Roadmap for the Competitiveness and the Digital Transformation in the Natural Stone
  • Natural Stone Study in the 4.0 Paradigm - The Digital and Technological Evolution;
  • Natural Stone 4.0 Rotary - Strategies for the 2025 Horizon;
  • Awareness Micro-video.
Financial Literacy Program for the Natural Stone
  • Management Control Referential for the Natural Stone;
  • Dashboard for the Management Control in the Natural Stone.
Management Platform of the Extraction Processes in the Natural Stone

  • Management Platform of the Extraction Processes in the Natural Stone
  • User's Manual;
  • Awareness Micro-video.
Circular Economy to the Sustainability of the Natural Stone
  • Natural Stone Study - Circular Economy and Efficiency in the Management of Resources
  • Proposals for the Adaptation of the Natural Stone to the Circular Economy;
  • Awareness Micro-video.
Promotion and Divulgation of the Project
  • Advertising Actions;
  • Interim Dissemination Sessions (North and Center)
  • Final Dissemination Sessions (North, Center, and Alentejo)
Technical Management of the Project
  • Final Report of Project Evaluation.