France is the 5th bigger world economy and the 2nd from the European Union. With about 66 million inhabitants is considered the second most populous country in the EU (about 13% of the total). It has a varied economy and an industry which is   amongst the most developed in the world in several sectors.

After the impact which was the result of the financial economic world crisis. France has focused in the growth of economy, employment and the purchase power and still in recovering the economic competitiveness.

France and Portugal connect not only by economic questions but mostly by historical and cultural ancient connections, by sharing the same European space and also by the Portuguese community who live in the French market, which is a union and dialog factor.

The participation of France in the Internacional market is very relevant, according to the World Trade Commerce in 2014 it occupied the 6th position as exporter and importer in the world ranking (3, 1% of the world exports and 3, 6% of imports)

The French economy is very receptive to the foreign investment. The weight of the foreign capital is very strong in the industry sector, representing ¼ of the sector employment, 29% of the business volume, 37% of the exports of the manufacturing industry and 29% of the investment of the French industry.

The foreign companies installed in France, say that communication/transportation/logistics, the industrial tissue, training/skilled labor, the internal market dimension and innovation are some of the main aspects which attracted them. Besides the characteristics mentioned it is also appreciated the legislation stability as well as the economy and the business environment in general. As less attractive criteria it can be highlighted aspects connected to the companies’ business taxation, productivity as well as costs of work.

France is seen as an unavoidable market for the Portuguese exporting companies, because it gives opportunities for different sectors of the national production.