Germany is the most important power of the European continent. This country is too big and well succeeded to be left aside, it is a very important market that must be seized.

The city of Frankfurt is Germany’s and European Union principal financial center, where the European Central Bank is located.

This power has a fundamental role in the international comercial relations. Endowed with a skilled labor, Germany is one of the leading exporters of qualified tradable goods, namely machinery, motor vehicles and chemical products. In 2014, it was responsible for 7, 93% and 6, 37% of the world’s export and import values.

European Union continues to be the principal Germany’s comercial partner, although it has been losing market share in the last couple of years.

The German market demands some investment in time and money and a good preparation. It is a very dynamic market and there are opportunities for our companies in almost every sectors.

In 2014 Portugal occupied the 32nd place in the client ranking, with a market share of 0, 63% and the 30th place as supplier, with a market share of 0, 57%.

The products of the most high technologic degree and grated added value have a strong weight in the principal traded products by Germany in 2014.

The industry had a contribution of 30, 2% for the PIB’s growth in 2015, being the manufactured industry and services, the center of the German industry.